To make edits to listings change them on the unlinked “All Member Listings” page that is listed toward the bottom, not on the “Our Members” set of pages.

Each member is entered as a separate blog post so that the search feature works better. Within blog post, click to edit name or plus sign to add new. Once there this is what should be entered:

  • Contact Tab

    • Title: Business Name

    • Main Body: Full Business info (In this order: Full description. Next line Contact: ___. Next line: Address | phone" | email [mailto:___] | social | website with link [make sure open new page is selected])

    • Category, select from list. Very important or won’t show up!

    • I’ve backdated all so they show up in alphabetical order. Most recent posts show up at the top, oldest show later. Key to this is that all are dated to 2018 and everything is backwards: W-Z ending Jan 1 | V ending Feb 1 | U ending Feb 15 | T ending March 1 | S ending March 15 | R ending April 1 | P ending May 1 | N ending May 15 | M ending June 1 | L ending June 15 | K ending July 1 | H ending August 1 | G ending September 1 | F ending September 15 | E ending October 1 | D ending October 15 | C ending November 1 | B ending November 15 | A ending December 1 | Numbers ending December 15

  • Options Tab (at top)

    • Author, set to UACoC

    • Copy Full business info EXACTLY from Main body on ‘Contact’ Tab. Very important!


To make edits to the events edit them on the unlinked “Event List” page that is listed toward the bottom, not on the “Events” set of pages.

Each event is a separate entry. To add a new one it is probably easiest to duplicate an old event that is similar. Click the similar event, hit edit to open it, scroll to the bottom of the page that pops up and hit ‘duplicate’.

Make sure the description on the first page is copied also on to the “excerpt” section of the Options tab. Also on the Options tab make sure the author is set to UACOC. And if you want the event to show at the top of the screen next to the calendar on the real Event page you need to check the “Featured Event” bubble on the bottom of the Options tab.